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by Oscar de Micheli
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The first and sole system, for global management of  race cars.
   For team :  f.1,  f.3000,  f.3,  Supertourism,  ITC,  DTM, GT1, f.e.
       Hardware:  pen computer, Pad, Pc, Mac, infrared, radio, wirless. Va
     Software: VirtualBox, WindowsXP whit pen, database : Access. Al
   For IDL there is no difference between car or motorcycle racing. K
IDL if used correctly is able to only use the mouse and never the keyboard!
Automatic acquisition of telemetry data from the car in real time
Automatic acquisition of data from the Official timing service: Alkamel, Perugia timing, Fia Wec
Automatic acquisition of time on 3-4-5 sectors from various Official timing services
All times are automatically expressed in both hundredths and thousandths
Automatic creation of a text file containing all session times, importable into Win 10/11 in Excel
Two wirless radios connected in the pit and inside the box
Complete car setup
Store pilot comments
For GT classes automatic management of up to three drivers per session with final summary
Tecnichal notes pilot / engineer
Automatic create run-sheet
Calculate the kilometers on spare parts
Calculate critical spare parts
Calculate fuel Kg/Kw consumption
Tyres briefing and check tyres set
Calculate the kilometers on the Rims for set tyres
Link serial number to tyres for f1
121 racetrack maps
Calculate speed and drop R.P.M.
Simulation and comparision of three different gear box solutions
Pit Stop calculation and simulation : theoric and race for 24 hours
  Data stored automatically
Job list for mechanics
Enter all the best times and the final result of automatic calculation
Stores the data, and searches throughout the run sheet
  General synthesis test
Export the data to Excel or Word (XP license)
All documents are in PDF for smartphone or tablet
 Data exchange between two computers
Complete use software without keyboard (more than 8,000 buttons)
Pilot running by running audio recording
Voice recorder for : notes, setup, briefing, spare parts, jobs list
Time management in hundredths and automatically in thousandths of a second
Automatic export of all IDL data: txt, pdf, waw, to smartphone (for iPhone or Android)
It is not necessary to archive the .pdf files generated in session by the Official timing service.

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The program has been used effectively since 1995 by the following constructors :

ConstructorsLicenses                Reference
AUDI Sport         10                        Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich  &  Mr. Dieter Gass
            2                         Mr. Sergio Rinland
AMG MERCEDES            2                     Mr. Josef Spelic
WILLIAMS RENAULT            4                        Mr. Didier Debae
VAUXHALL            2                         Mr. Massimo Del Prete
            2                         Mr. Gabriele Seresina
           2                        Mr. Tommaso Carletti           R.i.p. 
TOYOTA f.1             2                         Mr. Dieter Gass
           5                       Mr. Luca Canobbio
NISSAN             2                     Mr. Ricardo Divila             R.i.p.

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